First section: General Use Conditions
Crispins S.L. (henceforth Letschocolaat) as the owner and manager of the online store called Letschocolaat is a company engaged in foodstuff trading, which offers through this website (sited in the URL, henceforth Letschocolaat) the following services, functions and online contents, addressed to experts, companies, consumers, users or any other final recipient (henceforth User), to whom it is possible to deliver orders within the Spanish territory.

The above mentioned services, functionalities and contents on the present website are ruled by the following use conditions.

Second section: Services offered by the Letschocolaat website
Letschocolaat offers through its website the following, services, functionalities and contents:

1. Login service to a set of contents organised into categories.
2. Internet website browsing service.
3. Products browser service by different parameters.
4. Letschocolaat trading products technical information.
5. Online products buying service.
6. Webmail service to contact to the company.
7. Other services, as any other service included eventually in this website by the Letschocolaat Store.

Letschocolaat will be able, eventually, to provide to the User new contents, services or additional conveniences, free or not, that would increase the available services for the User.

For its part, Letschocolaat reserves the right to cancel unilaterally any of the services, functionalities and contents observed in this present website.

Third section: User’s condition
Letschocolaat User’s condition website access is absolutely voluntary ascribing who may access to this URL, no matter the way or technology used, the User Condition. By submitting voluntary to the website, Letschocolaat ownership, the User accepts without any kind of reserve or provision, the content of this present Legal Notice or General Conditions of Use. Therefore, the User should read thoroughly the Legal Notice/General Conditions of Use before making any kind of deal, preview, usage, download, buy, arrangement, etc of this URL.

All the actions performed by the Letschocolaat User will be under his entire responsibility.

LetsChocolaat does not ask for the previous subscription for the simple browsing, submitting or online buying service usage offered through Letschocolaat website. Quite the opposite, for certain contents and services access, a register and previous submitting as a User (herefore Registered User) will be required. Regarding personal data treatment, read Letschocolaat Privacy Policy available on the Privacy Policy Data link.

Fourth section: User Responsibilities
The User understands that the whole material and website content expressed or reproduced in Letschocolaat by any way or by any format, belongs to it, unless specifically stated the opposite. Moreover, the User pledges to make licit, diligent, correct and upright use of the contents and information given through the website Letschocolaat or of third parties previously provided by Letschocolaat. All of this under the good faith principle and regarding the current legislation.

Under no concept is the User authorized to distribute, copy, execute, transmit, show, reproduce, grant licenses, use the material as other works base, transfer or sell in any way neither no (any) type of information, documents, images, programming code, products nor (or) obtained services from this website; he is only authorized to study it in his current form and to download a copy of the material for his personal and private use only in one computer, never with commercial intentions, whenever the User satisfy all patents copyright rules and remaining equivalents.

Thus, the User agrees not to call forth, not malicious or deliberately damages that could diminish, Letschocolaat website, not even spread the so called “computer virus” that could cause not authorized changes in the Letschocolaat website contents or component systems. In this respect, Letschocolaat remains exempted from any type of mistake or computer virus introduced by third parties.

It is forbidden to use material or contents that are reproduced or stated in Letschocolaat website in computer networks environments and different websites.

The webmail system should not be use under no circumstance for advertising distribution or commercial offers of any kind.

The User agrees that not authorized use and bad use of contents or Letschocolaat website tools can cause civil and/or criminal liabilities.

Fifth section: Letschocolaat responsibilities
Letschocolaat undertakesto the User regarding this website use right the following obligations:

To adopt necessary measures and resources to grant security and privacy in communications. Letschocolaat will not be responsible if the appropriate security measures adopted are infringed by third parties or external actors.

To provide services consistently and to take all the necessary measures for its resetting in case of failure, always and wheneverpossible.

To inform to Letschocolaat User in good time of any event known that may affect the normal service provision or any substantial variation of its conditions.

To guarantee the secrecy of communication discharging any responsibility of obtaining recordings by the User or third parties or any infringement of the secret not attributable of being obtained beyond Letschocolaat control.

Letschocolaat is not responsible for mistakes or service disruptions from devices connexions made from the User who could carry out without any intervention of him, or attributable mistakes to third parties or force majeure. Hereupon he is not responsible for damages that could be derived to the Users for computer viruses or external agents that third parties could place in the website or in the electronic documents or files included in the computer system.

Letschocolaat will be able to modify access conditions and website integral content place, as well as restrict, block or withdraw the services access to Users if they wouldn’t make a licit, accurate and diligent website hosting services use. Likewise, it will block or delete from use contents implemented by third parties that could be illegal or insulting breaking rules or laws applicable nationally and internationally.

Sixth section: Letschocolaat responsibility for the operation website
Letschocolaat will not be responsible of any damage caused by the User in case of not giving service aim of these User General Conditions due to unintentional events, force majeure or other causes not attributable to the company.

Neither Letschocolaat will be responsible of inappropriate website operating if this is due to maintenance works, to incidences affecting national and/or international operators, to a defective configuration of the client’s equipment or to a deficient capacity to hold computer systems to use the service.

Seventh section: Identifier or personal login password
To register in the Letschocolaat web site the User must complete the client registration form or Register section form in the website.

Once the application is studied and admitted the request by Letschocolaat a User’s identifier or “login” and a personal password or “password” (hereinafter Login Password) will be assigned. It is reserved to Letschocolaat the right to accept the registration application.

Login Passwords are personal and non-transferable, the User undertakes to make a licit and diligent use of them, likewise not to offer to third parties its knowledge and usage. Letschocolaat is released of any kind of responsibility resulted by damages originated and suffered for the dishonest use of the Login Password, lost or bad use of what has been specified in General Conditions.

The User undertakes to choose, use and preserve his user identifier or “login” and his password in compliance with provisions of the following clauses. If these Login Passwords are lost or stolen, the Registered User shall communicate it immediately to Letschocolaat by sending an e-mail or calling to the telephone number 902 36 77 51, otherwise the User will be responsible of everything related to this cause.

Login Password assignment is done automatically. If the User chooses a login password already used by other User, he shall select a new Login Password.

Login Password will allow the User to order or buy products online and the services he need(s), using for it the payment by the different ways offered by the system.

You state and guarantee that the information provided in the registration are true, that you are up to 18 year old and that you are entitled to use the offered services in the Letschocolaat website under the terms and conditions here detailed.

Hereby, the User agrees to monitor the possible computer and/or register account use by a child or third parties login in the Letschocolaat website, likewise accept the responsibilities for those actions.

Eighth section: Online Products buying
Letschocolaat website has an e-commerce application, classified under B2C typology (Business to Consumer) with login only for registered Users by their Login Passwords.

In all these cases, rates, conditions and buying procedures will be unmistakable for the User. The information related to the product (see technical data and physical description) will be shown clear and explicitly.

LetsChocolaat is not responsible for inaccuracies in the information about the goods caused by typing errors, system failure or third party actions without approval. Letschocolaat doesn’t take any responsibility for product images expectations that could be generated in the User apart from the stated specifications of an express and clear way in its own datasheets.

The products offer are subjected to availability in stock, Letschocolaat reserves the right to withdraw the offered products from selling without previous notification. Likewise Letschocolaat. is the sole authorized entity to publish or withdraw special offers for products, prices or services in its website.

LetsChocolaat undertakes to send the products to their destination in the term agreed by both parties. Letschocolaat declines any responsibility for problems in the delivery due to the third party actions, for force majeure causes and/or providers transport companies failure.

Letschocolaat will be released from any responsibility of new products launching dates not being met, which have a mere reference character.

The payment of the acquired products will be done exclusively by bank transfer or credit card.

Ninth section: Intellectual and Industrial Property
Material and contents provided by LetsChocolaat are supported by laws, treaties and agreements that protect copyrights.

Industrial and Intellectual property rights belong to Letschocolaat. The texts, designs, images, databases, logos, structure, brands, domain and other web site elements protected by law and international treaties of intellectual and industrial property. Any reproduction, transmission, adaptation, translation, change , communication to the audience or any other operation of all or part of this web site content, done by any way or by any electronic way, mechanic or others, are strictly forbidden unless previous authorized and by written notice of LetsChocolaat Any infraction of these rights can originate legal procedures, criminal or civil with the corresponding economic redress for damages caused.

It is absolutely forbidden, to delete, to manipulate or to avoid the copyright and other identity data of Letschocolaat, LetsChocolaat property.

It could happen that Letschocolaat web site was reproduced or expressed as protected material by third parties copyright. If so, the respect will be equal for current laws and the material offered by Letschocolaat.

All industrial and intellectual property rights of this web site are legally reserved and the access to it or its usage by Users, mustn’t be considered, in any way, as the concession of any license of use or right of any active whose ownership or property are of Letschocolaat. Likewise, the User undertakes to not delete or change any distinctive sign used as brand or commercial name (graphic, logo, etc.), protected element by copyright or other notices, inscriptions, emblems or Letschocolaat labels shown in its web site.

The User recognizes that, except for agreement between both parties, he is only authorized to use the information, intellectual property of LetsChocolaat , only for its own needs and to not make direct or indirectly a commercial exploitation of services to which it has access or results obtained thanks to the web site use.

The User by the Letschocolaat website access compel to use services, functionalities and contents completely under laws and traffic use and he will answer, to Letschocolaat or to third parties, of whatever damages could result from non- compliance of this bond.

The User will desist from carring out any behaviour on Letschocolaat website use that could threaten intellectual or industrial property rights of Letschocolaat or third parties, or infringe or violate honour, the personal or familiar intimacy or the third parties image, or that could be illegal or be offensive, and it should release Letschocolaat of any complaint, judicial or extrajudicial that could happen to it as a consequence of this use. Likewise, it is on purpose prohibited any kind of practice or activity that could infringe good behaviour principles generally accepted by the Internet Users.

As a result, Letschocolaat, his representatives, partners, professionals or employees, do not assume any responsibility arisen, or that could arise, from Users utilization of Letchocolaat website information and contents, or the implementation of them to support or as a basis of any judgement or personal or entrepreneurial decision.

The User also will refrain from doing Letschocolaat website use any injure, alteration, disablement or data damages, software or electronic documentation belonging to Letschocolaat, to his suppliers or third parties, as to include or spread in software Network, virus, applets, Active X controls or any instrument or physical or electronic device that could cause or could be capable of originate any type of Network alteration, in the system or in third parties computers.

Letschocolaat will not be responsible of any User infringement that could affect other User rights, or third parties, including Copyright, brands patents, confidential information and any other intellectual or industrial property right.

Letschocolaat in any case will be responsible of any mistake or default or of results from use or third parties information provided by Letschocolaat application. It is not guaranteed in any case the veracity, integrity, update, or results that should be gained from the stated information use by third parties in Letschocolaat website.

Tenth section: Data Protection Policy
Data Protection Policy is expressed by a paragraph enabled for this in the website as a target of these General Conditions of Use () to which access by a link identified as “Data Protection Policy”.

Eleventh section: Infringement and illicit activities
In case Letschocolaat discovered direct or by third parties notices or requests, the dishonest purposes use, illicit, unethical, offensive and /or non authorized data, services and products of Letschocolaat, as the infringement by the User of any of the commitments taken under the General Conditions of Use, the company reserves the right of suspend total or partially itself all the services, without the User previous requirement of authorization, keeping the faculty to delete the infractor contents lodged in the servers where is this website or to adopt any other measure he deems necessary to avoid the continuity of this illicit act or infringement detected.

Without detriment to the foregoing, Letschocolaat reserves the right to acknowledge to the administrative or judicial authorities those facts that could be an illicit activity, without any requirement of a previous communication to the user.

Twelfth section: Conflicts resolution
Without detriment of the existence of imperative rulings of his Residence State, the present General Conditions of Use are ruled by the laws of Spain.

If you are resident in a European Union member State, for the resolution of any conflict will be competent to your area courts. The Spanish Courts will rule your conflict if you are not a resident of a European Union Member State.

Thirteenth Section: Amendment of the present legal notice or General Conditions of Use
Letschocolaat reserve the right to change the present notice to adapt it to the legal or judemade laws news as to amendments or industrial practices. In those cases, it shall be notified in advance reasonably of the amendments that will be implemented in the Legal Notice or General Conditions of Use, Data Protection Policy and when changes will have a full effect.

Fourteenth Section: Communications
Letschocolaat will send to the User his notices by mail or e-mail or by public publication of these by any media. Likewise, the user will send his notices to Letschocolaat by mail, in his company registered office, by e-mail, to the User attention mailbox.

Fifteenth Section: Inquires
For any inquire, suggestion, claim or doubt Letschocolaat offers to the Users the following contact ways:

Costumer Service Phone: 93 762 49 29 from Monday to Thursday : Morning from 9:00 to 14:00 and Afternoon from 15:00 o 18:00. Friday from 9:00 to 15:00.

On the Website or by e-mail to info@crispins.es

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